The Advantage of Undergraduate Research

The Advantage of Undergraduate Research

My experience conducting research, as an undergraduate college student, has been breathtaking and life changing.  I have learned so much information over the past year and a half. Dr. Julia Spears and Mrs. Rachel Tripod, from The Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning, are two individuals who work extremely hard to make sure every Research Rookie is successful. Mentoring the newer Research Rookies has been an honor.  I am so appreciative to be part of their learning experience.

My research study is very a rewarding experience. I have the opportunity to help contribute answers to our nation’s current public health issues. Even though I am not able to get some answers overnight, I am dedicating the rest of my life to do it. This is the advantage I have for starting my research career early. I have two amazing mentors, Dr. Sally Conklin and Dr. Lynn Herrmann from the College Of Human Health and Sciences, who assisted me this entire time.  I could not have done without them!

The best part about conducting research is presenting my research.  I enjoyed presenting my research study last year at the 2012 Undergraduate and Artistry Day. Getting feed back on my research study has enabled me to develop more effective ways to conduct my research study.

The most difficult part for me has been getting in touch with experts on adolescent male sexual abusers. On February 22, 2013 I will be present my research study at the University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health’s Annual Minority Health in the Midwest Conference. Hopefully, I will get in contact with a few experts at this conference. I am so ready for this conference!


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